Coronavirus and COVID-19. Protection measurements

Coronavirus and COVID-19. Protection measurements

By this time, everyone knows that the COVID-19 pandemic due to coronavirus started on November 2019 in the city of Wuhan, China. Probably due to the natural mutation of a virus that, at that time, only affected animals. It hasn't been until the beginning of 2020 that the virus has arrived in Europe, expanding and creating a sanitary, economic and social chaos in which we are currently living. Immerse in a health alarm in Spain and lockdown in many countries around the world, we still have to live times of uncertainty similar to those that happen during wars or environmental catastrophes until the vaccine arrives, at least, for the most vulnerable part of the population.

The lockdown and the prevention measures are methods that assure that we are not going to continue infecting ourselves at a high pace and therefore, that we are not going to exceed the capacity of our healthcare. In other words, this way we can make sure that every patient will be taken care of in the best way to overcome the disease.
Everyone asks themselves: "Until when?". There is only one way out of this situation, and this implies that the whole population (or the great majority) is immune against the virus so that there are no more infections. This may happen in two ways: the population overcomes the disease and becomes immune, or the population is vaccinated and becomes immune. Until the vaccine is released in the market (which is nearer every day) and is commercialized to massively vaccine the whole population (starting with the risk groups), only with lockdown and prevention methods (social distancing, hand hygiene and face masks) will we be able to control and slow down the penetration rhythm of the virus amongst the population, with a view to especially trying to protect the health of those belonging to a risk group.

But, ¿how do we protect ourselves during lockdown and between lockdowns?
1. WITH FACEMASKS: During the first phase of the expansion of the disease it was said that the virus wasn't in the air and therefore, it was useless to wear a mask that would keep us from inhaling it. However, it has been proved that the virus remains in the air for more time than expected, and so the infection through air can be important. The virus is in the secretions (saliva, mucus, urine, faeces, tears) of the people that carry it and have symptoms (cough, diarrhoea, dyspnoea, fever, myalgia, smell loss) or don't (people that overcome the disease can go on excreting the virus for 14 days after having overcome the symptoms because there are still internal reservoirs such as the intestine). With a regulated face mask such as KN95, FFP2 or FFP3, we avoid breathing the virus that is in the air and also protect ourselves on those times that we are closer than 1,5 m to an infected person who coughs, or speaks closely enough. Although they somehow protect us, not all masks are good enough (a fabric or non-sanitary face mask is a barrier but it doesn't guarantee a protection against the virus) because they don't avoid that we breathe the virus and they also provide a fake feeling of security.

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2. HAND HYGIENE: Hand hygiene saves lives. The WHO declared a hand hygiene day, which can tell us how important it is on the prevention of diseases and this one is not less important. You must always wash or sanitize your hands before touching your face or mucosa (eyes, nose, mouth). We know that objects behave as fomites and so if you touch something that has the virus and then touch your face, you are opening a door to the virus. The use of gloves is not recommended if you don't sanitize them the same way you do with your hands.

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3. WITH DISINFECTANTS: Disinfecting and cleaning is important when trying to reduce the transmission of the virus. You can spray the shoe soles with a 2% bleach solution (this is 20 ml of bleach for every 980 ml of water). There is a special bleach for fruits and vegetables that we have for sale (it is important to properly rinse after using it).

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The virus will be among us for a while, a parenthesis in our lives, an inconvenient, a fiasco. But the important thing is that it’s just that, and it does not turn into the hospitalisation of ourselves or of a close person. We must take care of ourselves and our beloved ones. It’s time to be responsible.

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